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  • Automatically build email lists and send birthday and monthly rewards

  • Automatically collect customer reviews and manage negative reviews

  • Send targeted email campaigns to engage customers


Builds Email List

Automatically builds customer email list. Visitors to your web site enter their email in Riiwards widget. Instant signup reward is emailed to them.

Engages Customers

Automatically sends monthly rewards and rewards for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Creates individual coupon code for every customer to track redemptions and prevent abuse.


Send Email Campaigns

Reward your loyal customers by sending them exclusive promotions and discounts. Easy User Interface, allows edit and resend any old campaign, tracks open rates.

Get Customer Feedback

Riiwards automatically collects customer feedback including a 'Like', 'Dislike' and comments. Negative feedback is email to you instantly with customer details for you to reach out to the customer.


Know Your Customers

Riiwards automatically collects customer profiles including name, gender, age group and birthday and wedding anniversary.