Live Sales Close sales with real-time user engagement

$9 per month and up No setup fees

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  • Receive texts on your phone and/or email updates when a visitor of interest is browsing your store

  • Initiate chats with visitors right from your computer or mobile device

  • Close the sale and form lifelong customer relationships

App Features:


Seamless integration with Live Insights—now on mobile devices!

Take Live Insights with you wherever you go. Live Sales gives you the power to monitor and close sales, even when you’re away from a computer. All you need to provide is a mobile phone number.

Instantly know when a visitor of interest is browsing

Easily customize rules to identify customers of interest that you want to be notified about. Our algorithm automatically determines when an interesting customer has entered your store and lets you know about it right away by text message and/or email.


Initiate chats and close sales

Chat directly with your visitors through a link provided in your text or email, or through the Live Insights dashboard. For visitors on mobile phones, you have the option to provide your phone number for direct outreach.

Get detailed real time visitor information

Live Sales is more than just a chat app. Convert casual visitors into paying customers by providing a memorable and personal shopping experience. Form lifelong customer relationships. Review customers quickly through a visitor summary that identifies where the user is from and what pages the user has visited.


View past chat history for any customer

A complete chat history is stored for every visitor across sessions, so you can always see what you and your visitors talked about the last time they came to your site, even if it was months ago.