EXCLUSIVE Offers Use precisely targeted offers to grow conversions

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  • Powerful filters to precisely target your offers. Filters include traffic source, products in cart, shopper type, device and more

  • Most effective cart abandonment solution on the market

  • Works right out of the box to achieve optimal results


Precisely targeted offers to grow conversions

EXCLUSIVE Offers works right out of the box and is pre-configured to achieve optimal results. Other solutions promise that - but only Offers delivers. Our easy control panel gives you the power, control, and insights you'll need to make more money faster - without the hassle.

More Effective

Competitors display offers based on "exit events," like a shopper closing their browser window. EXCLUSIVE Offers is smarter than this by using shopper's mouse gestures, beyond standard "exit events". Similarly, proactive offers uses filters like shopper type, traffic source and products being viewed to decide which promotion to present to a shopper.

Segment and target with filters

Competitors offer simple trigger logic like time on site and page type. EXCLUSIVE Offers triggers based on filters using criteria such as

  • Shopper type (first time, existing shopper, days since last order, etc.)
  • Traffic source (paid search, organic search, email, social media),
  • Location (country, state)
  • Product data (brand, category, price, MAP, etc).
  • Device (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Day and time of week (only trigger during night hours, only trigger during weekends etc)

Bonus applications

  • Email Booster - Increase your email marketing list and grow sales with this non-intrusive widget.
  • Cart Reminder - Convert returning shoppers who’ve left items in carts with targeted reminders.
  • Daily Deal Bar - Keep shoppers returning to your store with special deals displayed above the site.