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  • Sell products, services and capture leads inside the video player.

  • The shopping cart works wherever your video is shared!

  • It works and sells on all mobile devices, locally and globally.

App Features:


Nike's eCommerce enabled Video Player

96% of online shoppers watch video online.

Join tens of thousands of businesses from small to Fortune 1000s that have increased their sales with Cinsay's eCommerce enabled Video Player.

Increase offline and online sales

Online video now accounts for more than 50 percent of all mobile traffic.

Whether you have a brick-n-mortar store, or you are selling online over a mobile device, Cinsay's eCommerce enabled Video Player will help you make more sales and put more money in your pocket.


Are abandoned shopping carts hurting your business?

Click-through failure rates are the thing of the past with the help of our eCommerce enabled Video Player.

68% of viewers that linked out of a video to a shopping cart abandoned their purchase.

By allowing customers to purchase inside the player without leaving the site, you will keep them more engaged, and drive more sales.

Find new customers through Social Media

Engage your clients and close business where they interact – Social Media!

Facebook has over 1 billion users and 50% of all people who surf the web use Social Media

Since the eCommerce player is sharable, anyone that sees it can interact with it, which will help you make more sales.