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Plans starting from 20 USD. 10,000 Monthly Mobile Views

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  • Simple, easy to use, self-service mobile ad creation.

  • Your business will appear across 1000s of popular mobile apps

  • Target users in the city or town of your choice

App Features:


Get your business on mobile

Today, everyone is on their phone. Get your business in front of thousands of mobile users each month.

Target a specific city or town

Grow your business by being seen only in the places relevant to your business.


Easy to use, self-service ad creation

Create a few catchy lines about your business and then launch! Your ad will instantly be displayed across 1000s of popular mobile apps.

Complete Stats Transparency

Have access to real-time reporting daily. See who saw your ad, where they saw it and on which apps.



“I had people come up to me and say that they saw our ad on their phone. We noticed an uptick in sales and the number of people talking about us”. – Dante and Martha, Pure Juz, MA